O. V. Vijayan Smaraka Samithi

The beginning

It was on 2010 September 10, the honourable minister for Education & Cultural Affairs Shri. M.A. Baby of Kerala Government laid the foundation for O.V. Vijayan Memorial Committee as per 490/10/CAD under the leadership of T.K. Narayanadas (Chairman), T.R. Ajayan (Secretary) and K.V. Mohankumar I.A.S (treasurer) the first ruling committee was constituted.

The land and property inclusive Arabikkulam and Njattupura in Thasrak, Kodumbu Panchayath which actually bore witness to the literary phenomenon that was O.V. Vijayan, was decided to be purchased by the Government. And renovation works were initiated submitting the extensive outline for cultural complex. But somehow the work seldom progressed at desired pace.

It was in 2016 May, the Honourable Cultural Minister Shri. A.K. Balan took charge after election directed the ruling committee to speed up the constructions. The O.V. Vijayan Memorial now is being completed as per the guidelines of earlier committee.

Khasak is being accomplished in Thasrak in its new structural beauty.

Welcome to this amazing construct of Khasak.

The Facilities at O.V.Vijayan Memorial at Thasrak

Our intention is to preserve the Thasrak which plays an important part in the literary life of Shri. O.V. Vijayan from where he got his characters and completed the illustrious novel “ Khasakinte Ithihasam” in a heritage manner and give additional facilities such as photo gallery, cartoon gallery, video on demand so that it can be enjoyed by the new generations as well.

Khasak, The Way Farers’ Inn And Njattupura

The wailing music of wind rustling through the far stretching palm tree leaves has been merged into the rhythm of lives of Khasak. He created a magical scenario out of the lives, the rituals and the sequestered strip of this land that is Thasrak.

You get down at Canal Palam bus stop near Kinassery look fascinated at the artistic beauty of the Arch and walk on towards east. A little farther where the road forks in two directions, you find the sign board of Khasak. To turn Right the pathway extends through the Paddy fields which have yielded to residential buildings; and row of Tamarind trees punctuating the path – Allapicha Mollakka with his hurricane lamp, Appukili hunting the dragon flies, Maimuna who made the youth love sick by her seductive grace of blue veined hands have glorified this rustic pathways.

This is Khasak. Kongunad’s musical dialect – ‘Thachara’. But for literary enthusiasts it is Khasak. Space and Time get juxtaposed through the magical readings. Njattupura, sodden with memories of Ravi exuding the scent of antiquity, the facsimile of Khasak; the mindscape where the readers over the generation step in reverentially. This at present is O.V. Vijayan Memorial.

This is a Way farers’ Inn for those who traverse to the dreamland of Khasak from different places. The Novel Khasakkinte Ithihsam is itself a journey through space and time. Miyan Sheik, Thangalu Pakkeeri, Maariyamma the deity over the Tamarind tree Pulinkompathe Pothi are the protectors of Khasak. Through identifying the habitants and the habitat of a sleepy village a modern classic can be very well evolved, Vijayan has testified.

The identity of Palghat was carried over to Khasak and consecrated there along with the wind in the palm trees singing, we are drawn to realize this place.

The mosque where Allapicha Mollakka invoked azan, Arabikkulam, the burial ground disseminating the scent of incense, the Tamarind tress endowed with the presence of goddess still galore, beside Njattupura. The deep pulses of Khasak can be felt here unmistakeably.

The solemn tone of Khasak is being regenerated here when the wind rustles in the Palm trees – it is nothing less than God – consciousness.

The Rock Garden

The cluster of sculptures around Njattupura is organised in perfect line with the sylvan nature of the dreamland of Khasak. These sculptures are in fact the earnest expressions of O.V. Vijayan’s story contexts, character sketches where the famous sculptors of Kerala tried to relive them, first of its kind, complexes. Shri. V.K. Rajan, Shri. Joseph M. Varghese, Shri. Johnson Mathew and Shri. Ho Chi Minh, these sculptors have sculpted them in an unparalleled camaraderie. These exquisite works render a totally new dimension to Njattupura. Arabikkulam, adding on to their visual radiance. Kerala Lalithakala Academy, Palakkad District Tourism Promotion Council have supported them financially.

Live Theater on Demand – to further know O.V. Vijayan.

This is a course of action to sustain the visions of O.V. Vijayan against the backdrop of Njattupura. Documentaries that trace the lifecycle of O.V. Vijayan, Short films, Feature Films, Memorial lecturers would be displayed on demand of visitors in at most technical perfection. Intellectual, Emotional, Visionary plane of O.V. Vijayan are persuade in a new way, sure the first of its kind in Kerala.

Available in the Collections:

Kadaltheerath (Sherry),
Ormakalile Irippidangal (Sony Ollur),
Ithihasathile Khasak (Jyothiprakash),
Ottakkarimbanakkaatt (Vinod Mankara),
Vijayasaraswatham (P. Mohanan),
Kadaltheerath (Rajeevnath),
Janmanthrangalile Velutha Mazha (Aneesh Barsom),
Arimpara (Murali Nair),
O.V. Vijayan (K.M. Madhusoodanan),
O.V. Vijayan (Thankachan V.P.),
O.V. Vijayan (Geethu Baburaj),
Khasakkinte Seshippukal (Shanavas M.A.),
Sandehiyude Samvadadoorangal (Viju Varma),
Thasrakkilekk oru Yathra (Harikrishnan V. Nair),
O.V. Vijayan (T.V.G. Menon),
Tribute to O.V. Vijayan (V.K. Rajan),
Epic Land of Khasak (Cherai Ramadas), etc…

These would definitely usher us into the world of Fantasy of O.V. Vijayan.


A footpath by the side of Njattupura leads us to the minarets of the Mosque where Allapicha Mollakka invoked the azan. The Arabikkulam is adjacent to this, the presence of sculptures and still waters of Arabikkulam revive our thoughts about Khasak. The crystalline cold of this premises where lie in deep, this sprouts of the legendry Saga are capable of evoking our unearthly experiences. The new committee’s arduous efforts alone have made this possible.

O.V Vijayan Photo Gallery

These photographs, the humble tributes of three prominent photographers, Mr. K.R. Vinayan, Mr. Ashraf Malayali and Mr. A.K. Bijuraj who have recognised the grandeur that was Khasak. These pictures from the various phases of O.V. Vijayan’s life attribute a new scent of eternal presence to this complex. They are really unforgettable.

O.V. Vijayan’s Cartoons gallery

O.V. Vijayan’s cartoons have dealt strong blows on Indian political scene. A collection of his famous cartoons from distinguished papers have been exhibited here for the enthusiasts. Eloquent expressions on Politics, society, and Times that they are, things which could be better conveyed through strokes – O.V. Vijayan appear before us in a new garb.

Seminar Hall

A seminar hall that can accommodate 250 persons comfortably is the distinctive feature of this memorial. Public Address system, Music system, Projector form part of this hall. An ideal place for lectures, seminars and workshops.

Seminar Hall
Seminar Hall

Pictorial Representations

These are the product of painting workshops under the auspicious of Kerala Lalithakala Academy. They try to capture the essence of O.V. Vijayan’s Novels. These paintings are certainly a homage to O.V. Vijayan through lines and colours. They are quite experimental too.




These pavilions Gurusagaram, Dharmapuranam, Madhuram Gayathi, three more pavilions would be started soon – Khasakkinte Ithihasam, Pravachakante Vazhi, Thalamurakal.



10. O.V. Vijayan Mural Works

There are a few Mural works etched by artists Shri. Ajithan Puthumana, Shri. Arunjith Pazhassi, Shri. Ashokakumar, Shri. K.R. Babu, Shri. Basanth Peringode, Shri. K.U. Krishnakumar, Shri. Krishnan Mallisseri, Shri. Manikandan Punnakkal, Shri. Saju Thuruthil, Shri. Suresh Muthukulam under the sponsorship of Kerala Lalithakala Academy the characters of O.V. Vijayan are subtly interpreted in these Murals.

Mural Painting Gallery

Mural Painting Gallery

Intonation of O.V. Vijayan

Right from the entrance of this Memorial, Vijayan’s voice comes alive with our footsteps. This tonal presence is indeed a unique experience.

O.V. Vijayan Letter Galley

The committee have collected numerous letters of O.V. Vijayan to his friends. These are showcased in the Letter Gallery

Letters Gallery


Vazhiyambalam, the Way fares’ Inn where Ravi, the protagonist of Khasak step down from the bus has been carved out near the road attracts too many pilgrims every day. A place for people to assemble and conduct aesthetic discussions.

വഴിയമ്പലം Vazhiyambalam

വഴിയമ്പലം Vazhiyambalam


Mementos with the photographs of O. V. Vijayan (Pen, Envelope, T-Shirts, Cups, Caps etc.) are available at the memorial.



Movie Shows

Movie shows are arranged on every second Saturday in association with Inset group.

Chalachithrapradarshanam - Movie Show

Chalachithrapradarshanam - Movie Show

Music Programmes

Musical evenings are arranged on every last Sunday in association with Mehfil, Palakkad.

Music Programmes

Music Programmes

Memorial Talks

Memorial talks are arranged every month about current affairs.


Future Plans

The new committee have put forward an extensive plan that would transform Thasrak into a memorial of excellence – which would impart all the literary contributions of O.V. Vijayan. Once this is accomplished, Thasrak will be a beacon light for the futurity.

  1. Small cottages where people can stay and capture the ambience of place and a Museum that contains Immortal remains of the writer. Reference Library is also planned.
  2. Cultural exchange programmes with Universities and other Cultural bodies are being chartered.
  3. Workshops that would aim at seminars, lecturers, exhibition, award presentations and other complications directly or indirectly centring on O.V. Vijayan would be organised.
  4. A conclave of memoirs constituting the green palm trees and the greenery that encircle the rustic area also will be built.
  5. A stall where all O.V. Vijayan’s works will be made available.
  6. A small cafeteria for the convenience of the gatherers.
  7. Small tokens with O.V. Vijayan’s photos would be made available for the Khasak pursuers.
  8. An exhibition centre where photos, sculptures would be displayed for the gatherers.
  9. Music recitals, film shows for the visitors.
  10. O.V. Vijayan memorial lectures, every month.

Governing Board

T. K. Narayanadas



Vice Chairman

T. R. Ajayan


Dist. Collector, Palakkad



A. Prabhakaran, M. L. A.

V. K . Sreekandan, M. P.

Binumol K

Dhanaraj R

Prof. P. M. Vasudevan

O. V. Usha

K. P. Ramesh

A. K. Chandrankutty

Prof. C.P. Chithrabanu

Prof. C. P. Chithrabhanu

Jyothibai Pariyadath

Nidhin Kanichery

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